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WoodWing Labs offers a first glimpse at new developments

Note that the products offered here are in alpha or beta stage. We provide them as is, and use is at your own risk.

IDSTask (update)- Start an InDesign Server job on Status Change (includes sample jobs)

-- Updated for Enterprise 9.4 --

This plug-in monitors Layout status changes and starts configurable InDesign Server jobs on designated statusses. Incudes sample job scripts for:- Create an article from each unlocked layer which has text frames. Articles will be added to the layout's dossier.- Export multi-page pdf to configurable export folder- Package the document for print to configurable export folderAfter succesful execution, the layout is moved to a configurable OK status, otherwise it ends up in an ERROR status with error details in the Comment field.

Access Right Based Status Filter (beta)

By default, Smart Connection dialogs and Content Station dialogs show all workflow statuses for which an access profile has been assigned for the current user, regardless the read/write settings of this access profile.

With this plug-in, all read-only statuses are filtered out of the dialogs.

Warning: this plug-in works for Smart Connection 8.3.8 and higher, and for Smart Connection 9.4.1 and higher. Earlier versions of Smart Connection will not show filtered statuses.

QueryDefaults - reset query definitions to defaults

The QueryDefaults plug-in is a time saver plug-in. After setting up a new system, all query definitions (Dialog Setup/Queries) are empty, which means that these queries deliver default results. Before adding your custom columns, you need to replicate the default columns in each query definition manually. This plug-in does that for you.

See attached pdf for installation and how to use.

Simple File System - Content Source Example

Enterprise server plugin to demonstrate the Content Source concept. For this example a local filesystem is used as the content source, made available as a Named Query. Instead of a local filesystem any other content system (such as DAM or Archive) can be integrated this way into Enterprise.


This plugin has been confirmed to work with Enterprise v7.0, v8.0 and v9.0
Please select the correct file for your Enterprise version


Sample - Print Article or Image as PDF

This sample can be used to print an article or image as a PDF to a local printer.

After installation, the user can press the RightMouseButton on an object in ContentStation and select the option to Print the object as PDF.

The script on the server wil convert the object to a PDF (using FPDF labrary) and then show the PDF in a contentStation tab.

Demo plug-in - Integration with Layar (Enterprise 9 only)

This integration with Layar is a proof of concept, for demo purposes only:

1. For a new print issue a Layar will be created

2. Images get additional meta data to turn them into placeable 'layar widgets'.

3. These images can be placed on a Layout, and will be automatically moved to a non printable Layar-layer.

4. When the layout is saved in a predefined status, the layout's preview and the widgets will be uploaded to the Layar.

This will only work within a demo account.

Sample web services integration - JavaScript JSON client

This is a sample that illustrates how Enterprise Server 8.0 can be integrated using JSON. It ships two small client applications written in JavaScript, each embedded in a HTML file. One client is named wfl.htm and talks through the workflow interface to Enterprise Server while the other client is named adm.htm and talks through the admin interface. Once the HTML file is loaded in a Web browser, Ajax technology is used to run Web services in the background over a separate HTTP connection. The Web services are sent over HTTP in a JSON RPC structure with help of a Zend JSON RPC JavaScript library. Results of the client-server communication are printed to the HTML page (with a little help of jQuery) to give the waiting user a general idea of what is going on under the hood. Details about client-server integrations (and JSON) can be found in the Web Services Guide.

Sample scripts for DPT- ScrollIt and SpotIt

This sample script adds a context menu entries 'ScrollIt' and 'SpotIt'.

When ScrollIt is applied on an (overset) text frame, the text frame is turned into a scrollable area in which the complete text frame will scroll.

If SpotIt is applied on an image (and optionally the caption), the image is turned into a full screen hotspot.

Alternatively the scripts in the Application Script panel can be executed manually, or they can be attached to a keyboard short key.

UPDATE Dec 15, 2011

- The operation is now registered as a 'one-step-undo' action.

- The context menu is also available when a text selection is made

- The original script is split into separate scripts, so the scrollit function can be attached to a short key

UPDATE June 21, 2012

- Added the 'spotit' menu, which turns the selected frames into a full page hotspot

Sample script - Automatically open Dossier panel with layout

Once installed, this script runs each time after a layout has been opened. It looks for the layout's dossier(s) and opens these in a dossier panel. Particularly handy when layouts are opened directly from Content Station. All targeted content directly available, without having to browse the Smart Connection panel. The panels are closed together with the layout.

Please leave a note when you download and like the script.

QuickPlugin v3.1 - Generate server plug-in framework, all types of connectors

This little tool can be used to generate a complete custom connector plug-in, including a selection of connector implementations.

** v3.1 : now also creates Business Connector frameworks, such as Spelling, Publishing, ContentSource etc. **

** v2.0 : now also supports admin, publishing & planning services **


Facebook Publication Channel for Enterprise 7.5

This plug-in enables to set Facebook( as the Enterprise Publication Channel. It can publish image, video and a feed into Facebook, however not every format of images and videos are supported. For more info, refer to the readme file in the attachment. 

Requires Enterprise Server 7.5 or newer.

Update: Now using the new Facebook Graph API to make the integration work again.

Note: The installation/configuration instructions are changed. See readme.txt file at the plug-in folder.

SGLPlus: Server Generated Layout Previews , extra functionality (updated for Enterprise 7.5.1)

This is an extended version of the previous released 'ServerGeneratedLayoutPreviews' plugin. 
This new version is called SGLPlus and has got some extended functionality.

InDesignServer will now be triggered to create previews on the following events:

- Checkin of layout
- Checkin of article that is on a layout
- Set Layout to a certain state 

 Using InDesignServer to create the layout previews will take care that the InDesign client is quicker available because the checkIn is much quicker.

The same mechanisme can be used to create PDF, this is dependend on the state of the page and if this state has got the output flag set. 


In the DigitalMagazine reader you can have vertical/portrait pages that does not contain a designed page but instead it shows reflowable text.

This is called the TextView.

On top of this TextView a header can be placed. This header is an image in the same dossier with the Intent metadata field set to 'header'

During export this image will be used as textview header.

This AutoTextViewHeader plugin makes the creation process of these TextViewHeaderImages a lot easier.

Just save the layout with the correct 'intent' and automagically a textviewheader image will appear in the dossier that will be used by the export process.

Integrations with spelling engines Aspell, Enchant and Google

The Multi Channel editor of Content Station 7.4 comes with support for spelling checking. This feature runs through new web services exposed by Enterprise Server 7.4. Hunspell is the default and supported integrated spelling engine. However, customers are free to choose their own spelling engine. WoodWing Software has integrated some most obvious engines. For all these engines, there are good reasons to use them (or not). It is up to the customer to determine which suites the best. If none is suitable, customers can integrate other spelling engines, which requires server plug-in development. These samples could give a high starting point for that.

ASynchronized Image Preview for Enterprise 7.0.x

Enterprise server plugin that generates an image preview in the background. When uploading a large image it can take a while for uploading to finish. Shorten the upload with this plugin. It will create a temporary preview when the image is uploaded. Then it will start the creation of the real preview in a background process, so the preview generation will not directly become part of the upload.

Requires Enterprise 7.0.0 or newer.

- PDF2DM -Sample script to convert PDF to Digital Magazine

// This sample script turns a pdf document into a ready-to-export
// tablet publication. Depending on the settings it places single pages or spreads.
// Wherever the pdf is larger than the layout (single page in landscape or spread in portrait)
// a scrollable area will be used. In case of placing spreads, the landscape layout could be
// divided into 6 hotspots, each showing a magnified section of the original pdf.

Automated Digital Magazine Pages

This javascript automatically generates Digital Magazine 'pages', depending on content and corresponding InDesign Templates.

Ideally, with this script, editors of a (daily) digital magazine would just drop some articles and images in a Dossier representing a page, and the rest would happen automagically.

Find attached:


-two sample InDesign Templates

-some images and articles for testing


Script created by Hans Bolten

Faceted search for ContentSource results

Most people that have the SOLR search enabled for Enterprise have seen the so called facetted search results. The facets will help the end user to 'drill down' in the initial search results.

In this sample plugin I show how facets can be added to basically any QueryResponse. 
This sample is based on a newer version of the SimpleFileSystem plugin that can scan multiple folders and has got a search function.

By studying this sample, you should be able to add these facets to your own ContentSource plugin.


Smart Archive Server Plug-in

Enterprise Server plug-in to connect an Enterprise instance that is used as archive to an Enterprise production server.

Requires Enterprise 7.0.0 or newer.

Feedback on the functionality of the server plug-in is appreciated.

Please consult the attached documentation for installation instructions and current limitations.

Sample Customization Video - Sticky Note History

This video shows the functionality of StickyNotes History.

In a normal Enterprise environment, Sticky notes are always related to the active version. There is no way to see which sticky notes where placed on previous versions of a layout.

In this video I show you the resulting functionality of some serverplugins and a webpage called from ContentStation. 



Twitter Search for Enterprise

This plugin supports two types of queries in Enterprise:

i. Twitter Search - It searches within Twitter allowing filteration for a specific language. (Specified in config file)

ii. Twitter Trends - It shows the current top 10 trends within Twitter.

The Tweets are presented as hyperlinks in the result list.


Enterprise server plugin that creates QR (bar)codes from articles.

Requires Enterprise 7.0.0 or newer.

Sips Server Plugin

Enterprise server plugin to generate image previews. Sips stands for Scriptable Image Processing System and is an interface to Apple's Core Image framework. This plugin is able to generate previews for a host of different image formats: jpg, gif, eps, png, ai, tif, psd and also pdf files. We have run different performance tests against other preview generators and have experienced speeds from 3 to up to 10 times as fast as standard php preview generator and ImageMagick.

Beware: Because this plugins works with Apple's Core Image framework, so it will only work on MacOS and thus Windows is not supported.

Requires Enterprise 7.0.0 or newer.

SMS Publication Channel for Enterprise

The SMS integration is triggered whenever a Dossier is published to the Enterprise workflow system using Content Station. From articles and hyperlinks that are tagged for an SMS channel, the text is taken and an SMS is send out to a list of recipients. Once published, content can be changed an re-published. A preview of the SMS can also be requested at any time. The SMS integration uses the SMS Gateway services of Mollie B.V. In order to use this, you will need an account and credits from Mollie.

Imprezzeo Image Search Integration for Enterprise v7.0.x

Imprezzeo Image Search is an image-based search technology. The technology allows users to search for images using other images as examples rather than textual search terms. Those images might be scenes, landmarks, objects, graphics, people or even personalities.  Imprezzeo Image Search is a product of Imprezzeo ( and is commercially licenced.


Sample server plugin - Two Factor Login with SMS

This is a sample of two factor authentication:

This two factor authentication is based on 2 of the 3 factors (what you know, what you have, what you are).

1. what you know: (user id)

2. what you have: (mobile phone)

When the plug-in is installed and activated, users who have a (mobile) phone number defined in their [location] property, only can login with the generated password they recieve by SMS. The generated password is valid for 1 minute.

PrintChannelFilter - a sample plugin to limit number of issues in Layout dialogs

Once installed and activated, this sample plug-in does the following for all Layout dialogs (save, create and properties):

  • it only shows 'print' type issues
  • it only shows issues with a publication date between *today* and a next range of days (which can be configured), plus all issues without a publication date, plus all issues which are current (regardless their publication date).
  • it maximizes the number of issues to a configurable number; given that the issues are sorted by order number, it will show the next N issues starting from today.

For programmers this is an example how to pre-process the information shown in a dialog.

Have fun!

[ContentStation] Print article or image as PDF

This sample implementation shows how to use the ContextActionMenu to call a php page on the Enterprise server.

The called PHP page will create an simple PDF (using a PHP library) with some metadata of the object and the object itself.

This PDF will then automatically be opened in a new tab in ContentStation (using Acrobar Reader) where the PDF can be print.


SpellCheck, add misspelled words to custom dictionary

This customization ads new functionality to the spellcheck of WebEditor and ContentStation.

The functionality makes it possible to add words, that are not recognized by the spellchecker, to a custom dictionary.

this custom dictionary makes it possible to make brand specific words being recognized by the spell checker.