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WoodWing Labs offers a first glimpse at new developments

Note that the products offered here are in alpha or beta stage. We provide them as is, and use is at your own risk.

IDSTask (update)- Start an InDesign Server job on Status Change (includes sample jobs)

-- Updated for Enterprise 9.4 --

This plug-in monitors Layout status changes and starts configurable InDesign Server jobs on designated statusses. Incudes sample job scripts for:- Create an article from each unlocked layer which has text frames. Articles will be added to the layout's dossier.- Export multi-page pdf to configurable export folder- Package the document for print to configurable export folderAfter succesful execution, the layout is moved to a configurable OK status, otherwise it ends up in an ERROR status with error details in the Comment field.

Access Right Based Status Filter (beta)

By default, Smart Connection dialogs and Content Station dialogs show all workflow statuses for which an access profile has been assigned for the current user, regardless the read/write settings of this access profile.

With this plug-in, all read-only statuses are filtered out of the dialogs.

Warning: this plug-in works for Smart Connection 8.3.8 and higher, and for Smart Connection 9.4.1 and higher. Earlier versions of Smart Connection will not show filtered statuses.

QueryDefaults - reset query definitions to defaults

The QueryDefaults plug-in is a time saver plug-in. After setting up a new system, all query definitions (Dialog Setup/Queries) are empty, which means that these queries deliver default results. Before adding your custom columns, you need to replicate the default columns in each query definition manually. This plug-in does that for you.

See attached pdf for installation and how to use.