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Content Station 10: Create new article -> Error S1049

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Content Station 10: Create new article -> Error S1049


I installed the Contents Station 10 with the Enterprise Server 9.4. Now I have the problem, that I can't create a new article.

I define the brand and so on and press the button "create". After that I get the error "Could not find the file to upload (S1049)".

Any ideas what is wrong?


By the way, one more question:
During the installation I read that it is neccessary to install "" for the Enterprise server 10.
Whats about 9.4? I can not find a "" for that. Is is neccessary to install it for 9.4?

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Dear Hans,

Currently, there is only one Enterprise server plugin for Content Station. This plugin works for both Enterprise 9 and 10. We will update the documentation to reflect this information as it was unclear.

We already answered your same request via the support ticket. Please only use one channel for your requests. Forums can used for feedback on our products or to get community input and assistance. Tickets can be used to report defects, ask questions and get assistance from the support team.

Please use our new forums on Help Center. This is the new location for the Content Station forum on Help Center. Please "Follow" the Forum topic to receive an email notification when new posts or comments are made.

Frits van Dee
Director Customer Success
WoodWing Software