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Elvis REST API regenerate preview

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Elvis REST API regenerate preview

We have a lot of XML-files in out Elvis (around 25000), and we recently edited the XSL-stylesheet.
The question now is how to update previews of all of the not-updated assets. I know this is possible in the client, but I don't like the idea of manually batching through the quite enormous list.

I've searched the API and this forum, but I have not found a clou on how the programmatically update the previews.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be very helpful!

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I guess you could use the Index updater with only "Regenerate thumbnails and previews" marked. Then use the filter query to limit this to assets that actually need the update (mimeType:text/xml).

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Hi Lucien,

The XSL is used by the text content extraction processing tool when ingesting/checkin new XML files.

In order to have your new XSL applied to your older XML assets, you need to run the index updater with "extract textcontent" option checked and filtered on extension:xml


- For Elvis 4 you can simply use the Elvis server admin page "Index Updater" to configure and run.

- For Elvis 5 you can use and URL to connect, configure and run the Asset Index Updater: