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Migration to our new Help Center / Community

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Migration to our new Help Center / Community

Dear Enterprise Server users,

We have been migrating resources from the Community to our Helpcenter since over a year now. Documentation, Software and Feedback forums are already migrated and can be found here.

The last action is to migrate the community forums as well. For this we will create the forums on HelpCenter and make them availalbe for you. We will post information about the new location on HelpCenter in the specific forums on this communty. In the coming months we will make these forums read only and keep them as an archive only. For now you can still comment on existing posts, preferably start new posts on Help Center.

This is the new location for the Enterprise Server forum on Help Center.

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The Customer Success Team.

Frits van Dee
Director Customer Success
WoodWing Software

(Solution Partner)
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Thanks for info.

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