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Server not accessible by client

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Server not accessible by client

Hi All,

We're experience some problems with Elvis server on Linux. Sometimes (about one or two times per week) the server go down and it's no longer accessible by the clients.

I can restart the Elvis service but nothing happens. To make it work again I've to reboot the whole server. I don't find anything strange in Apache or Elvis logs.

2016_10_10.stderrout.log_.txt4.98 MB
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Hi Matteo,

Can you please file any support issues with

Smartium Oy
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For that version of Elvis server, you might want to shedule automatic nightly gracefull restart: stop service, delete the runtimes from /var/tmp/elvis_*, start service. And put some "sleep" between the events. 

.: Samuli Jokipaltio :.
Smartium Oy - Finland